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During the cold season, the air becomes drier indoors and outdoors, causing the skin to lose its natural moisture provoking dehydration and dry flaky areas. Therefore, in the winter, you may experience skin redness, irritation, and discomfort. Luckily, learning how to combat dry skin in the cold is fairly easy. More often than not, it only requires a few adjustments to your daily habits. Here are our tips to achieve a perfect complexion even when it’s cold and snowy (or rainy) outside:

1. Avoid showering with overly hot water

Taking a long, hot shower feels so good in the winter and it may help to relax after a long or stressful day, however, this common habit strips away your skin’s natural oils, making it even drier. Your best bet is to use lukewarm water and avoid showering for too long. Bonus points if you use a gentle non-drying soap like our Phytomer Seaweed that gently removes dead cells without leaving a film on the skin and maintaining a perfect PH.

2. Don’t forget to exfoliate dry skin


A common misconception when the skin feels dry is to stop exfoliating and removing the dry, dead cells. However, if you stop exfoliating, you don’t remove those dead cells which don’t allow your other hydrating products to penetrate. Exfoliation creates more efficacy for hydration.
Additionally, if you don’t exfoliate, your cells don’t go through their natural renewal process, which can lead to very dull looking skin. Choose something like our ZO Exfoliating Polish or Enzymatic Peel to gently remove those dead cells and replenish hydration and healthy lipids.

3. Use a humidifier to help dry skin

When you turn on your heating system, the air in your house becomes even drier than normal. This could also be a reason why your skin feels rough and dehydrated. The solution is using a humidifier, that restores the ideal levels of moisture in the air by releasing steam or a cool mist into the room. Whatever device you choose, remember to keep its reservoir and filter clean at all times. Otherwise, they’ll harbor mold and bacteria!

4. Avoid heavy moisturizers

During the cold winter months your skin may feel drier, however, you need to be selective with using an alternate heavier moisture. By applying a heavy moisturizer, your skin may feel hydrated temporarily, but this heavy cream may sit on top of your skin which actually makes your cells lazy, particularly if you are not exfoliating the dead surface cells. A light hydrator that has the ability to stimulate hyaluronic acid within the skin that holds onto water.

When shopping for a winter-friendly hydrator, look for nourishing ingredients that contains ceramides, lipids, safflower oil/palm oil, and vitamin E. For your face, choose something like the ZO Daily Power Defense, a lightweight hydrator that replenishes lipids to optimize skin barrier function (Available for sale at Cecil B Spa). If you must apply something of a heavier weight choose one of our Hydration + Calming products, such as the Renewal Cream, that will satisfy that need for hydration while still supporting the skin’s natural barrier function.

Take advantage of our complimentary consultation and we can personalize a prescription on how to combat dry skin in the winter. Your skin can still look gorgeous and glowing even in the coldest months of the year!