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Try our GliSODin Cleanse! Did you over indulge over the Holidays and need to get back on track? Perhaps your skin has also suffered from your food choices? Start with drinking more water. Water helps to reregulate your system, especially after eating a lot of carbs or sugary foods.

We also love our GliSODin advanced detoxifying/cleansing formula for this time of year. This cleanse is a two week process that is designed to purge toxins through the eliminative pathways, without the use of harmful laxatives.

Meaning you won’t feel the same discomfort that many cleanses cause. Studies have shown that poor health and food choices can also lead to blemished, pigmented, and dull skin, as well as premature aging. If you’ve increased your water consumption and find you are still bloated, give the GliSODin cleanse a try!

For everyday oral nutrition and cosmetic care ask about our Dermal or Brightening formulas also from the GliSODin family. You can also read about the different GliSODin product offerings here http://glisodinskin.com/products/