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Although the term Hydroquinone sounds like a name out of a Star Wars movie, it is in fact one of the most reliable and thorough tools used by professionals for rapid brightening and pigmentation skin relief. Hydroquinone works by reducing the amount of melanin (dark pigmentation) as well blending skin tone for an overall brighter and clearer complexion. The ranges of treatment include reducing age spots, freckles, sun damage, and hormone-induced skin discoloration such as Melasma.

A pioneer in the health and wellness field named Dr. Obagi, dedicated his research to establishing a philosophy of skin health. His philosophy focused on “providing and maintaining life-long healthy skin for all his clients ”. Dr. Obagi believed that anyone can attain healthy looking skin, so long as they were willing to apply both knowledge and discipline into their skin routine. He advised all of his clients to begin with his GSR program (Getting Skin Ready). GSR is an essential first step towards achieving healthy looking skin, and works by cleansing, exfoliating, and toning the skin. More specifically, it works synergistically with Dr. Obagi’s unique formula to restore skin to a healthy looking state, and to optimize the effectiveness of any preventative or corrective products applied after your GSR.

ZO Pigmentation Relief - Before and After

After the GSR pre-treatment formula, your skin should now be clean, hydrated, and ready to start the brightening treatment known as the ZO Hydroquinone System. The goal of this system is to reduce the appearance of hyperpigmentation and melasma, while brightening and improving the overall texture of the skin. The best part about starting your ZO Hydroquinone System now is that you don’t need to worry as much about the photosensitivity caused by the product. That being said, sunscreen should still be worn every day. For optimal results, please see the directions below.

Hydroquinone Kit Directions

(Morning – AM)

1. Cleanse on moistened skin for at least 60 seconds, followed by an exfoliant and toner (GSR)
2. Apply Daily Power Defense
3. Pigment Control Crème 2% HQ
(1-2 pumps)
4. Exfoliation Accelerator
(apply twice per week, and gradually build towards daily use)
5. Moisturizer
(optional: choice between Renewal Crème, Hydrating Crème, or Brightalive)
6. Sunscreen

(Evening – PM)

1. Cleanse on moistened skin for at least 60 seconds, followed by an exfoliant and toner (GSR)
2. Pigment Control crème 2% HQ
(1-2 Pumps – use two if you can tolerate twice per day)
3. Pigment Control + Blending Crème 2% HQ
(2 pumps of Pigment Control and Blending Crème) Mixed With Wrinkle & Texture Repair 0.5% retinol (1 pump of Wrinkle & Texture Repair apply 3 times per week and gradually build towards nightly use)
5. Moisturizer
(optional: choice between Renewal Crème, Hydrating Crème, or Brightalive)

Pigmentation Relief - Before and After

Hydroquinone for Pigmentation Skin Relief: Additional Information

1. During the course of the treatment, these products will result in greater photosensitivity; so avoid direct sunlight and make sure to use sunscreen daily! This is why winter is the best time to get started!

2. These products may also result in some reactions such as: flaking, redness, and sensitivity. These are a good indicator of repair, and will dissipate as the skin becomes stronger and more adjusted to the products.

3. Hydroquinone products (Pigment control Crème & Pigment Control + Blending Crème) should not be used for more than 5 months. After 5 months, a mandatory 2-3 month break is required prior to resuming the use of any HQ products.

4. Do not spot treat with the HQ products, rather apply these products evenly across the entire skin area, and not just to the affected pigmented areas.

5. Avoid halting the use of HQ products abruptly, and rather wean your skin off slowly to prevent rebound pigmentation. At the 3 month mark, our professionals will be happy to assist you during the weaning-off process

With decades of experience and proven results, Hydroquinone is a powerful solution for anyone looking for pigmentation skin relief, and brighten their overall complexion. We hope our article assisted with your skin care journey, and if you have any further questions, our seasoned team of experts would be happy to answer them! Please feel free to contact our clinic directly, or leave a comment below. Looking forward to working together!